Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ifx cover competition + livestream

Hey dudes and dudettes. Just wanted to post my work in progress on my entry for the IFX cover competition, and also link you guys to my livestream. You can watch this picture from rough thumbnail up to about this state on demand on my livestream channel. I apologize for the crappy sound, i'm not saying anything worthwhile anyways, so you might as well mute it and just watch.

I will, as much as i can, try to paint this piece live. That way people can watch the piece being painted pretty much from start to finish. There's gonna be some small steps in between, but i'm gonna make a step by step gif when i finish, so if some stage of the painting doesn't get recorded you can still see the stages when i finish.

my livestream channel can be found here:

Peace out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The sketch below won me an ORIGINAL ALVIN LEE SKETCH on the chiustream! WOOOOT!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Street fighter character!

Tuned in to the chiu stream today, Bobby was interviewing comic book artist Alvin Lee! Alvin gave the topic of "design your own street fighter character".

So naturally, i came up with a haitian savateur...

About 2 hours. Photoshop.

PS: I also had a nocturnal visitor earlier. It was the cutest little mouse i've ever seen. We had a stareoff for about an hour, before i lost patience and shoved him into the box with the inconspicuous bread and the inconspicuous lid halfway closed.. I put him outside and he said "thanks for not killing me" and ran off like only little mousies on a mission can. I closed the vent where he crawled in, apparently bug nets arent meant for mice. I'll use this incident as leverage for my landlord to let me keep a kitten! ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More chiu-streaming! Its so much fun to take a break from painting an paint with bobby! And seriously inspiring! The challenge this time was 1 hour self portrait.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been tuning into Bobby Chiu's streams, and find them very inspiring. It just makes you wanna paint! Here's the challenge for today, 1 hour cowboy. Topic by guest speaker Stephen Silver. Thanks guys!

Chiu & co:

Monday, May 25, 2009

ZhangLu/Manley Download!

I Just finished a piece inspired by the zhanglu/manley download. Zhanglu paints, manley narrates. I learned a lot of things i already knew. It sounds weird, but its true, a lot of the info conveyed was already there in my brain, but a refresher helped things click. Plus the girls are super hot! Get the download here:

My work still pales next to ZhangLu's, but i feel i've made improvements! about 3 hours worth of doodling, no reference:

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok, so i've been in lebanon since the beginning of february, and i haven't shown anyone a single picture, which is a bit rude to the ones back home. So, i'll talk a little about my stay here, and show you some pictures. I live in a beautiful, although a bit run down apartment in achrafieh, beirut. It has a very.. um.. bohemian charm. I share the apartment with bebeh and another couple, Miles and Carla, an american contrabassist and and a lebanese actress. . There's always a cast of interesting characters around, our house is very nice for having people over.

I visited Jbeil during the first days of my stay. Jbeil is old, and have the mediterranean handy for scenic pictures. (this was during lebanese "Winter" by the way.. har har har.. It's "spring" now, and its getting quite summery if you ask me.. :P)

The cast of characters surrounding us in this play is quite remarkable. All of them have treated me like a friend from the first day. Cheers guys! That is something i've noticed a lot in this country, people are generally very friendly. And the food is SOO goooood! I've put on around 6 kilos since i got here. (well, i did, then lost 3 again..) Seriously, the food rocks! omnomnom. A note to San, watch out for all the pine nuts.. They are all over the food here.. 

I also poisoned myself. (twice) by adding blue food coloring to stuff. Apparently i'm not very tolerant to that kind of stuff, so i was knocked out for a couple of days, the first time from blue pancakes, the second time for eating this rice:

(Apparently i'm none too bright either, considering i did it twice..)

So yeah. Food. And then there's the place we live. Achrafieh (im sure i fudged up the spelling..) Is a really nice neighborhood. Safe too, or so i've been told. This is what part of the view is like from our 5th floor balcony: 

I also got my hair done. Thats Omar to the right by the way. 

By random chance i had the opportunity to act in a commercial for romanian yoghurt. It was a lot of fun, we got to spend a day at the beach, with brilliant sun and free food. :P Plus, i got to stomp around in armor. Very historically incorrect viking armor to be precise. 

My schtroumpf! 
Frolicking around on the beach looking for shells while the crew sweat their asses off...

That's my girl! Not a cloud in the sky, an empty beach, and sun hitting us hard, but she's still playing her DS. <3

two warriors of the invasion force. The "um, my costume is falling apart" regiment. 

Beirut is a city FULL of textures. Bulletholes, rust, grime and dirt make up one side of the city, and then there's new, shiny, modern stuff growing out of the old. I'm snapping a bunch of references that will be very useful at some point. 

Okay thats all for now i guess. I got tons of more stuff, but that will have to wait for later.