Monday, May 7, 2007

'nother doodle.

I just finished another doodle, and I'm getting rather frustrated over my progress. On this sketch i basically blocked out the torso and limbs, double checked the balance of the figure, and proceeded to block in the values. The way i usually do it. No lines to speak of, i need to work more on linework. I'm thinking of switching to pen for a while, gotta work on getting a strong, dynamic line.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh, by the way...

Here's a video i recorded of me painting Michael Emerson's character "Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus" from the tv show LOST. It took exactly one hour to paint, and its sped up so it will take you 6 minutes to watch.

Painted in photoshop.



Grand opening!

So here i was, thinking i should start a blog. So i registered an account here. Then i realized that i would have to write something in it too. What you're reading this very moment is what i decided to write. The rest, as they say, is history.

This blog will mainly be used to show random doodles i make, and there will probably be some rants too.

To kickstart things I'm posting two pencil sketches that i did the other day. The usual subject matter, heads and boobies. :D The ladies came out grainy in the scan, but i cant be arsed to re-scan them.

This blog will be updated parallel to my sketchbook over at The sketchbook there contains much older pieces too, for those who might find that interesting. Viewer discretion is adviced, there's some sick shit in there.. :P

Ok, i think thats all. Until next time, take care - and stay metal!