Friday, October 16, 2009

The sketch below won me an ORIGINAL ALVIN LEE SKETCH on the chiustream! WOOOOT!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Street fighter character!

Tuned in to the chiu stream today, Bobby was interviewing comic book artist Alvin Lee! Alvin gave the topic of "design your own street fighter character".

So naturally, i came up with a haitian savateur...

About 2 hours. Photoshop.

PS: I also had a nocturnal visitor earlier. It was the cutest little mouse i've ever seen. We had a stareoff for about an hour, before i lost patience and shoved him into the box with the inconspicuous bread and the inconspicuous lid halfway closed.. I put him outside and he said "thanks for not killing me" and ran off like only little mousies on a mission can. I closed the vent where he crawled in, apparently bug nets arent meant for mice. I'll use this incident as leverage for my landlord to let me keep a kitten! ;)