Monday, May 7, 2007

'nother doodle.

I just finished another doodle, and I'm getting rather frustrated over my progress. On this sketch i basically blocked out the torso and limbs, double checked the balance of the figure, and proceeded to block in the values. The way i usually do it. No lines to speak of, i need to work more on linework. I'm thinking of switching to pen for a while, gotta work on getting a strong, dynamic line.


dCepT said...

*cough* UPDATE *cough*

Maxetormer said...

I second that :)

_Kine said...

Hallois! Jeg har et par snapshots av Dem fra Halloweenaften, men har ikke Deres elektroniske postadresse. Min elektroniske postadresse finner De under "about me" i min nettlogg. /end overhøflighet.
Hur går det med little big planet? Han lille raringen er så fin!